International Cosplay League Runner Up, Solo Category

Youmacon, 2018

Best Stage Presence and Excellence in Attention to Detail

Anime Los Angeles 2017

Team USA, World Cosplay Summit

World Cosplay Summit, 2011

Finals performance costume: Kimihiro Watanuki, xxxHolic

Best Group Craftsmanship, Master's Division

Anime Expo, 2013

Richea Spudone, Tales of Hearts

Best Master's Craftsmanship, Best Dramatic Performance

Anime Los Angeles, 2012

Princess of the Crystal / Mawaru Penguindrum

Best in Show

Pacific Media Expo, 2011

Tsukimi Kurashita, Princess Jellyfish

Best in Show

Fanime, 2011

Suzaku Kururugi, Code Geass

Best in Show

Anime Expo, 2009

Zakuro, Ninja Scroll

Best in Show

Anime Overdose 2007

Yuuko Ichihara, xxxHolic

Best in Show

Ohayocon, 2003

Seras Victoria, Hellsing / Anime Version

Best Performance

PMX, 2010

Nuriko, Fushigi Yuugi

Best Individual Craftsmanship

Fanime 2006

Seras Victoria, Hellsing / Manga Version

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